Company Profile

Side by Side Scaffolding and RiggingServices Pty Ltd is committed to supplying the most cost effective solution for our clients without compromising the safety of our employees, our clients workforce or the members of the community who may come into contact with the work site.

“Our Experience is Your Security”

Side by Side Scaffolding and Rigging PTY LTD has a simple business philosophy:

“Work Smart, Stay Safe, Have Pride”

An introduction to the key personnel at Side by Side Scaffolding and Rigging Pty Ltd

Tony WerahikoCompany Director
Tony is responsible for our NSW operations, with a main focus on our Maintenance and Shutdowns, Tony also assists our Brisbane operations quoting large jobs. He holds an Advanced Scaffolders and Riggers qualification which he has held since 1995. He has been in the Construction/Mining Sector since 1990.

Jason WerahikoCompany Director
Jason is responsible for Major Project operations throughout Australia, including Whyalla, Canberra, Galong and many projects in Western Australia. He specialises in scaffolding and Rigging operations and has more than 20 years experience in mining and offshore oil refineries. He holds an Advanced Riggers and Scaffolders qualification and oversees all aspects of Major Projects here in Australia and off-shore.

Michael WerahikoCompany Director
Michael is responsible for our Brisbane/Queensland operations. He is the driving force in establishing our Company as one of the top Scaffolding companies in Southeast Queensland. He is responsible for all aspects of our Queensland operations. Michael also holds an Advanced Scaffolders and Riggers qualification and has been active in the Construction/Mining industry for 17 years.

Phil WhitbreadSales Representative / Estimator / Supervisor
Phill is our Sales Representative and Estimating for Side by Side Scaffolding and Rigging Pty Ltd. He brings a wealth of experience in the Queensland Construction Industry to our Company and is a vital member of our Sales Team. He holds an Advanced Scaffold qualification and is a qualified WHSO and also is our Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator (RRTWC). He has been in the construction industry for 17 years and is well versed in steel and alloy scaffold swing stages, mast climbers and elevated work platforms.

Mike Te HikoSafety Manager / Supervisor
Mike is responsible for all aspects of Health and Safety across the Company. He is a qualified WHSO Queensland and holds Advanced Scaffold and Rigging qualifications. He is an Advanced First Aider. He has been with our Company since 2004 and has been in the Construction Industry, on and off, since 1983.

Julie WhiteOffice Manager
Julie has recently joined the team at Side By Side Scaffolding & Rigging Services Pty Ltd. She brings to the company over 20 years experience in the administration and finance areas. Julie overseas the day to day running of Brisbane Office with the support of her administration team and is the "go to people" when others can not be contacted.